Top 3 Best Exercise For A Thick Strong Back

Ready to transform your back into a Greek God-like figure? Check out our top 3 best exercises for a thick back.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to easily build a Strong, Solid and Thick Back, just like a pro-bodybuilder.

If you follow the instructions, I can guarantee you, your Back will be unrecognizable in a few months.

Result Of Following The Best Exercises For A Thick Back

Best Exercises for A Thick Back: Ultimate Muscle-Building Strategies

You only need 3 basic exercises to thicken and strengthen your back. Yess, you have heard me right!! you just need 3 exercises.

These are:

1)The Deadlift,

2) Wide Grip Seated Row, 

3) Medium Grip Lat Pull Down.

No Fancy exercises or equipment is needed to reach your goal.

Just Do These 3 Exercises in the suggested way Given Below, along with proper nutrition and Rest.

1.The Deadlift

Alright, imagine you’re about to do the deadlift – that badass exercise where you pick up a heavy barbell from the ground like a total beast. And guess what? It’s not just your biceps and chest getting all the attention – it’s your back’s time to shine!

So, why does the deadlift thicken up that back muscle of yours? Well, let’s break it down:

1)When you grip that bar and start lifting, you’re not just using your arms and legs. Your back muscles, especially those big guys called the erector spinae and lats, are the real heroes here.

2)As you lift that weight, your erector spinae muscles along your spine work together to keep your back straight and stable. This is like your body’s natural belt – it keeps everything aligned and in check. And when these muscles work hard, they start growing, leading to that thick back you’re aiming for.

4)Then comes The lats. Those wings on your sides are also in on the action. They help you pull that barbell close to your body, not just with brute strength but with some serious coordination too. And just like any muscle that gets a workout, the lats bulk up over time, giving you that V-shaped back.

5)Now, let’s not forget about the traps – those triangles on your upper back. When you’re lifting that weight, especially at the top of the movement, your traps kick in to help shrug your shoulders up. It gives you an ultimate muscular look.

So, here’s the deal: Deadlifts aren’t just about flexing your muscles at the gym. They’re about putting in the hard work and challenging those back muscles to get stronger and bigger. Just remember, start with proper form, lift weights that are heavy but manageable, and give your body the rest and protein it needs to grow.

Over time, your back will be so thick, and you’ll be walking around like a proud weightlifting warrior.

So that’s why its included in the list of Best Exercises For A Thick Back

Note: If you feel like deadlift is not for you. Try to do Rack Pull Instead. See if it feels Comfortable Enough

Ideal Rep Range: Keep the rep range in between 6-8 reps. Do it in 3-4 sets. Once every week.

I am saying once a week because it is a power exercise, and if done correctly with proper intensity, it takes a lot of time to recover fully(Unless your not natural)

2.Seated Wide Grip Row

Wide Grip Row works excellently for adding mass to your back. Why i am saying wide grip row? Because Close Grip Row Works On Back Width. It basically Works On the Lats. While a Seated Row With a Wide Grip Bar Works on Back Thickness. It doesn’t matter whether you use a cable or a machine.

So why does this special variant of rows, thicken up your back muscle? Let me explain it in detail:

According To Biomechanics, the Wide grip row mimics Transverse shoulder Adduction and scapular retraction movement. This means bringing your upper arms closer to the midline of your body in a horizontal position And Pulling your shoulder blades together towards your spine.

This rowing movement targets Greatly Mid back muscles AKA mid-traps, rhomboid, and rear deltoid along with the Lats. As the mid back is largely responsible for creating a dense look on your back, the Wide grip seated row is considered one of the best exercises for a thick back.

Ideal Rep Range:8-10 slow reps with 3 working sets is enough.

Make sure to have some warm-up sets beforehand. Pick a moderately heavy weight. Feel the contraction. Remember to release the weight slowly.

Add this workout to your routine twice every week.

Note: Perform the concentric phase for 1 second and the eccentric phase for 3 seconds. This means you should bring the weight closer to your body in under 1 second and then slowly release the weight to its initial position over 3 seconds. This way you will get a huge pump.

3.Medium Grip Lat Pull Down

The lat pull-down works like magic on your back. It helps give you the v shape look on your back and makes you look more Aesthetic

You’ve got a bunch of different ways to do this exercise, like the wide grip lat pull-downs, underhand lat pull-downs, overhand lat pull-downs, V-bar lat pull-downs, and stuff like that.

But According to recent research, EMG data, and biomechanics, the Medium grip variation will give you the best result that you want. It Activates Lats more than any other variation of this exercise.

It helps give your back that broader look while also adding some serious thickness to those muscles.

Give it a shot by going about 1.5 times your shoulder width and grabbin the bar with your palms facing down.

Ideal Rep Range: 10-12 intense rep is good for this exercise. Have at least 3 working sets.

Just like I have said before, Slow in the eccentric and fast in the concentric phase of the movement.

Do this exercise twice a week.

Recovery And Nutrition

Proper nutrition and rest period is a must to have the dream physic you always wanted.

Remember, It’s not all about lifting heavy – your eating habits and snooze time play a major role too.

Keep the training frequency of your back twice in every 8 days. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day to maximize optimum growth.

Just like a construction site needs quality materials, your muscles require the right nutrients to grow. Proper Protein, Complex Carbs, and Healthy Fat are needed to fuel your muscles to grow.

Aim for at least 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram (or 0.7 grams per pound) of your body weight. Then decide the fat and carbs percentage according to your macros

In general aim for a balanced approach.

Research Method: How I Came up with the “Best Exercises For A Thick Back

Finding the best exercises for a thick back wasn’t easy. I have the expertise of countless years spent in a gym. Training Both like a powerlifter and a bodybuilder. While training myself and my clients I found out nothing thickens and strengthens your back like a Combination of intense High reps Exercise mixed with good old strong compound movement.

But, in today’s world You need enough scientific backing, Biomechanical and kinesiological explanation, to back up your theory.

So, after researching all the scientific journals and going through the biomechanical perspective, I found out that I was absolutely correct about what I initially thought.

With a solid foundation of research in place, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and dive into the practical side of achieving that Strong, Thick Back you’re aiming for.


And There you have it, The blueprint for how to have a thick back. From the deadlift’s might to the wide grip rows’ sculpting power, we’ve uncovered the top exercises that will transform your back into a symbol of strength.

Frankly speaking, if you are a natural lifter it will take time. The key is consistency. Each lift, each nutritious meal, and each quality rest gets you closer to your goal. Be patient and enjoy your lifts, enjoy your diet. If you can do that, Nothing can stop you from your dream physique.

So with a combination of Proper nutrition ,recovery and Following this list of best exercises for a thick back You can see the change in no time

So mate, Good luck and share your experience with us. Stay with Coach Sultan Adios!!!

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